Snoopy  Owned and loved by Connie Brown.






Angel  Owned and loved by Dianne McMillan.

Abby  Owned and loved by Bonnie Campbell.

Coco  Owned and loved by Crystal Weiland (McMillan).

Kelsey  Owned and loved by Bruce Brown.

Josh  Owned and loved by Jane DeGreef.

Dundee  Owned and loved by Jane DeGreef.

Meg  Owned and loved by Bonnie Edwards.

Freddie  Owned and loved by Jim Newell.

Yogi  Owned and loved by Rika Seshadri.

Keesha  Owned and loved by Joan Brown.

Lexi  Owned and loved by Lavern Gibson.

Tundra  Owned and loved by Lorraine Haemel.

Rummy  Owned and loved by Karen Laws.

Buddy  Owned and loved by Dianne McMillan.

Indy  Owned and loved by Rika Seshadri.

Surprise  Loved and missed by Jane Ann Lister

Surprise, a smaller sized Bouvier, was named because she was born a day after her eight brothers and sisters. She began visiting in November 1994 at Peterborough Civic Hospital where my Mom was, then to St. Joseph's Hospital when Mom was transferred and then to Marycrest where Mom lived for five years. Surprise also visited Riverview Manor. In addition, Surprise and I did special visits to church children's groups and even to some funerals. Surprise was a laid back gentle giant in love with everyone. In 2003, when Surprise was thirteen, she had to be put down as she was full of cancer. Surprise was a wonderful dog and will always be fondly remembered.


Bruin  Owned and loved by Dianne McMillan.

Casey  Owned and loved by Connie Brown.

Seamus  Owned and loved by Tom Brown.

Willow  Owned and loved by Bonnie Edwards.

Duchess  Owned and loved by Sadie Gaulin.

Copain  Owned and loved by Chuck Lamers.

Sydney  Owned and loved by Chuck Lamers.

Fraser  Owned and loved by Dawn Macklin.

Jake  Owned and loved by Lily Gallagher

I knew right from the day we got Jake,
He was gentle, sweetest and huggable mate.
Labrador retriever mix,
He never bit.
He loved to run in the woods,
He was a gift from God that was good.
He touched so many peoples hurting hearts,
Jake was a therapy dog and my star.
Then the time came and God had other plans,
Now Jake is in Gods hands.
Jake gets to play in heaven,
And I get to remember him.
And though it hurts that Jake is no longer here,
I love you Jake you are so dear.
One day in heaven I hope to see your again,
Jake my dog, buddy and friend.

Jake Gallagher, July 2 2004

Amber  Owned and loved by Connie Brown.


Owned and loved by Lori and Bill Durrant

Jessie came to us two years ago when her people couldn't take care of her anymore. With her gentle, loving ways, we knew she would be a great therapy dog. Jessie loved Thursday mornings, when she saw the bandana coming out she would spin and run around the house. The residents and staff at Riverview Manor knew when Jessie was in the building, she would let out a "bay" in that special hound dog way. Jessie is loved and missed by her sisters Buddy & Kitty and of course her Mom and Dad, Lori and Bill Durrant.
Jessie Durrant

Tyler  Owned and loved by Rika and Chris Seshadri

Tyler visited Civic Hospital accompanied by Gambler and Moss. They were the three musketeers. Tyler died suddenly four days before Christmas 2007 at the young age of four. Still missed and loved by Rika and Chris Seshadri.

Owned and loved by Joanne Cryderman

Shiloh June 1998 – October 2008

Starting out as a very high energy puppy, Shiloh did develop into a most loving and faithful companion. He was well known in his extended family and community as the dog who loved everyone. Although Shiloh became a therapy dog late in life, he took his job very seriously and looked forward to his weekly visits to St. Joseph's at Fleming. He loved long walks and participated in the CNIB walk for two years. His favourite special activity was swimming and despite his illness, this became a source of great joy in his last summer. Shiloh will be dearly missed and forever remembered by his owner, Joanne Cryderman, and his best buddy, Mika.

Loved and missed by Angie and Roger Smith.


Keesha  Loved and missed by Joan Brown


Keesha was a Keeshond who loved being in the therapy dog program. While most of her visits were to retirement homes, what she enjoyed most was meeting children. When she visited day care centres or other venues with children, she basked in the attention. She didn't care how many times they tried to straighten her tail which curled over her back or how many were patting her at once! It was wonderful to see how much she enjoyed being a therapy dog.. it seemed to give her a purpose.








Jasper  Loved and missed by Joan Brown 

The first thing I noticed about Jasper when I saw him in the animal shelter were his eyes. They were the kindest eyes I had ever seen. And he smiled! Those eyes and his always wagging tail were what most of the people he visited remarked on. He was always happy. Even when he contracted bone cancer and had a leg removed, he still never lost that wonderful look and attitude. I believe he taught others that handicaps don't make a difference. He was a natural therapy dog and few others will ever be able to walk in his paw prints.


Loved and missed by Thelma Campbell

Ricki was a successful show dog who won Best Puppy in Show and ribbons at Whippet specialties. She was great at visiting at Centennial Place nursing home in Millbrook. We had an incredible fourteen years together.
I will continue to miss you, Ricki.

Trudy  Loved and missed by Lilly Gallagher

Though Trudy was in a lot of pain, she gave comfort to sick people in hospital. She was a therapy dog. She had a smile that lit up my heart. She gave you a nudge or a smack with her paw when she wanted a treat. Gentle, quiet, comforting. She loved to suntan in the summer. Trudy is God's beautiful handiwork. Her spirit will always be here with me.

Kyrie  Loved and missed by Jane Ann Lister

Kyrie, a smaller sized Bouvier, was my second Bouvier. She visited Civic Hospital, Marycrest and Riverview Manor. Later on, she changed her visiting to St. Joseph's at Fleming (when Marycrest was sold) and Extendicare Lakefield. In addition, Kyrie and I did special visits to children's church groups and even some funerals. Kyrie was a real sweetheart who enjoyed her weekly visits. In 2009, just before Christmas when Kyrie was 11 1/2, she had to be put down as she had cancer of the liver. Kyrie was a wonderful dog and will always be fondly remembered.

Timmy  Owned and loved by Jennifer Runhart

Timmy 2010- 2012 will never be forgotten and you will be missed by a lot of people.

Terry Much loved and missed by Sally Darling